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National Treasure

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World Heritage

Listed on the World Heritage List under the World Heritage Convention

Kanto Area

Meiji Jingu

The one of famous sacred place in Tokyo.

The one of famous sacred place in Tokyo.
This is the shrine in Tokyo where most players visited here in Japan last year. This is a very popular sacred place for foreign visitors. The pathway to the shrine is filled with a sacred atmosphere although the shrine is located in an capital urban area.

Asakusa Kannon Senso-Ji

The oldest prestigious temple in Tokyo.

The oldest temple in Tokyo. It’s also very popular for foreign visitors. Tourists can enjoy Japanese temples, because of the largeness of the temple’s garden, and a large number of structures. The illuminated temple at night is beautiful.

Toukai Area

Nagoya Castle

One of the best modern castle. Most of the part is burned up by World WarⅡ, but the gorgeous main palace that was restored in 2018 is worth to see. 
※ The main castle tower was restored by reinforced‐concrete, but the plan of wooden restoring is being discussed.

Tokugawa Art Museum and Tokugawaen

Exhibition of the greatest handcrafted works such as arms, painting, and sculpture in the Edo period.

Tokugawa Art Museum is a wonderful museum where preserves the greatest handcrafted works such as swords, arms, paintings, and sculptures in good condition, in the Edo period that is mainly have owned by Ieyasu Tokugawa (The first tycoon of Edo period).

Inuyama Castle

It is one of twelve remain main castle towers and also a national treasure.

It is one of twelve main castle towers that remain until now. It is registered as a national treasure. The main castle tower is a typical architectural style for observation, you can see the entire city from the top floor. You can enjoy the atmosphere of the old castle town.

Ise Jingu

The representative of shrines in Japan.

Amaterasu Oomi-kami who is the ancestor god of the Japanese imperial family is worshiped. It is the representative of shrines in Japan and No.1 sacred place in Japan. It’s filled with silence and a sacred atmosphere.

Okage Yokocho

The tourist spot where the city at the end of the Edo period is reproduced.

Okage Yokocho is the small town next to Ise Jingu where imitated old street. There are many souvenir shops and local food shops. It’s a good place to eat around.

Kinki Area

Himeji castle

You can enjoy the modern castle in late Sengoku period, because the main buildings are still remaining like a castle tower, a turret , stone wall, and castle digging. The castle tower that well organized by big main castle and three small castle tower is amazing.


There is the main hall where the Daibutsu the principal object of worship is located, and the big and elaborate wooden architecture is dignified appearance. There are a lot of historical temples and museums within a walking distance. These are good for sightseeing. Nara Buddha statue museum.


It is the world-famous tourist city as everyone knows. There are a lot of temples that registered as a world heritage site.
There are a lot of places where good to see, but also it tends to be crowded.

Shikoku Area


The famous WordCamp which literary participants stayed at night by camping, was held on this island in 2018. Many people who get involved with WordPress are living in here. Most of them are English speakers.
There will be the WordCamp Ogijima 2020 in this year.